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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our purpose is to enrich lives, everywhere, every day. This means doing everything we possibly can to ensure we have a positive impact on our communities and the planet.

Our Award-Winning Approach to CSR


Here at Elior UK, we are on a mission to enrich lives, everywhere, every day, through everything we do. This means:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Adding social value to the communities that we serve
  • Reducing waste, contributing to a circular economy
  • Improving health and wellbeing
Elior UK winning the CSR Award at the 2022 Contract Catering Awards

Enriching lives, everywhere, every day


A sustainable supply chain


We are committed to source sustainably in order to improve economic impact within local communities, reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet.


A positive impact on the environment


Our carbon reduction strategy is in line with reductions recommended by the Paris Agreement and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Thriving people and communities


We nurture a culture of inclusivity, improving skills, and giving back to societies and local communities.


Positive health & wellbeing


We understand the vital importance of health and wellbeing for our colleagues and our customers, helping to enrich their lives.

Charlotte Wright, director of CSR and Wellness, Elior UK says,


“Our ambitions for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability are driving positive change for our colleagues, supply partners, clients, and throughout the local communities that we serve. Our teams' commitment to driving these initiatives is something that makes me incredibly proud."

Download our Carbon Reduction Strategy

Charlotte Wright - CSR - Elior

Here are just a few of our CSR related stories…

Water Unite


Elior’s partnership with Water Unite has provided an opportunity to ‘do good’ with the sale of bottled water in the UK. Raising funds to support the handling of plastic within those communities where the recycling infrastructure is not as advanced as ours. Our aim is to tackle this at source and at point of waste. 


Elior makes the move to 100% electric fleet


Elior UK has committed to transition its vehicles to 100% electric or electric hybrid by 2025. The programme demonstrates our ESG commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and has included the installation of electric charging points at our head office location to facilitate the transition.



Elior launches Eco Points loyalty scheme


We have launched our Eco Points Loyalty Scheme that rewards customers through a digital ordering app, Breaz. The scheme helps customers to make more environmentally-friendly food choices, rewarding them through a tree planting scheme.