A Positive Impact on the Environment

Our goal is to do what we can to protect our planet.

How we are doing this...

We are working hard to reduce waste, with a big focus on reducing disposables, increasing best practice recycling methods and reducing food waste.

We are committed to reducing food waste and our overall carbon footprint.  


Reducing waste with packaging


As a team we are working hard to reduce waste from packaging, with a big focus on reducing disposables and increasing best practice recycling methods.  

We are are committed to not using single used plastic, introducing lots of initiatives including plant based disposable products. 

Elior UK was announced a runner-up in the Footprint Waste Prevention & Waste Management Award, the only initiative to honour the achievements of companies in the area of sustainability and responsible business practice in the out of home sector and its supply chain.

Reducing food waste


As caterers we are committed to reducing food waste and are proud to be a Guardian of Grub Champion

Not only do we educate our team and customers about waste but we have introduced a number of other initiatives to help us achieve a 25% reduction by 2025:

  • We have teamed up with food redistribution company OLIO to donate surplus food to vulnerable local communities.
  • We have introduced Chefs Eye, an intuitive food waste measurement technology platform, which measures food waste.
  • Launched award-winning food brand Trashed – a Lexington Catering led initiative rewarded for the promotion of recipes that recycle left-overs or food that would otherwise be binned.

Carbon footprint


It is our vision to reduce carbon emissions by 12% per meal in our bid to protect our planet.

We will do this by innovating menus and reducing food waste, recycling and reducing energy related emissions. We commit to:

  • Providing and promoting more delicious vegetarian and vegan meals to reduce the amount of meat consumed in recognition of the environmental impact of meat farming. 
  • Moving to 100% electric fleet.
  • Using 100% renewable energy for directly supplied energy contracts.
  • 25% reduction in food waste by 2025.
  • 15% reduction in gas and electricity consumption.
  • 40% reduction in beef consumption.

Engaging our team & customers 


We work hard to help our team and customers understand the need to look after our planet and what action they can take to reduce their impact on the environment. Initiatives include:

  • Developing easy to understand signage.
  • Environment days – running educational sessions to raise awareness of key issues.
  • Green Force Champions – to drive sustainability on a more visible level throughout the organisation.
  • Cleaner communities – we try to combat the litter problem. Many of our colleagues regularly go litter picking in their local communities.
  • Eco Loyalty Scheme – this has been created to help educate, inform and influence customers to make more environmentally conscious purchasing choices. 
  • Regularly speaking at events to share what we are doing with others and discuss how as an industry we can create positive change.