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Elior UK saves 36 tonnes of coffee waste from going to landfill

Elior UK, working in partnership with sustainable biofuel producer bio-bean, has saved 36 tonnes of coffee waste from going to landfill. Since their partnership began in 2016, waste coffee grounds have been collected from various Elior sites across the country. After being collected, the waste coffee is transformed into Coffee Logs for use in wood burners, stoves and open fires.

To date, Elior and bio-bean have made 11,500 logs (and counting). These logs burn 20% longer and hotter than kiln-dried wood, and recycling coffee waste generates 80% less emissions than landfill.

Charlotte Wright, CSR manager, Elior UK said: “This is just the beginning, we plan on getting more sites involved. CSR is at the heart of everything we do. We want to work with partners and like-minded businesses to effect real change – and bio-bean are definitely doing that.”

Julia Porter, national supply chain manager, bio-bean said: “Through encouraging clients to recycle their waste coffee responsibly, Elior is helping them to reduce their carbon footprint and cut down on waste disposal costs. We’ve already seen great success and look forward to an increasing cluster of Elior clients coming on board!”

To learn more, or to buy bio-bean’s eco-friendly Coffee Logs for yourself, visit Bio Bean on the link below